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Sue runs a series of workshops in schools for children and young adults.  She has several packages for teachers to employ and can create a special package to match the individual class requirements.

Among those available:

‘Look Back in Time’: this is especially tailored to the history of St. Helens.  It includes instruction on writing poetry with class exercises.  It has been used at Holy Cross Primary School and Parish C. of. E. School, both in St. Helens. Suitable for 8 to12 year olds.


Fun with Words: Children’s stories and poems with class interaction and exercises. Used at Parish C. of E. School, St. Helens. Suitable for 8 to 12 year olds.


Let’s Paint A Rainbow: Fun with colours.  Teaches children how to write poetry in a fun and enjoyable way.  Suitable 8 to 14 year olds.


Poetry Workshops: This is a combination of the above workshops but aimed at an older audience.  Used at Sutton Academy, St. Helens.  Suitable 12 to 16 year olds.


Lancashire Witches workshop: this focuses on the Witch craze in Lancashire and is geared to the educational curriculum.  Delivered at St. Helens College and yearly at KGV School, Southport. Suitable for 17plus who are studying this subject or have an interest in this area.


Sue has worked as a journalist for more than 20 years and also runs works Journalist Workshops including those delivered as part of Leigh and Wigan Words Festival.


Sue was a co-founder and judge for ‘The Young Writer of the Year Competition: St. Helens.’  This is run in conjunction with The Friends of Victoria Park.



As well as presenting her poetry in print and at performances Sue also works as a visual artist presenting her work as pictures and gift items such as scrolls, pictures, and eco bags.

Click on above for larger image.

These images ‘Snowdrops in March’ and ‘Autumn Leaves’, are from ‘The Four Seasons’ exhibition.  They are also available on eco bags priced £16.  Her acrostic collection, mentioned on this page, are also available as eco bags.

These bags will have the owner’s personal name poem on one side.  They are £25 as each verse is especially created.

Images shown are now available as blank greetings cards

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