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Beneath The Surface: The Mysteries of Crank Caverns:

  This book uncovers the mysteries of the cavernous tunnels to be found at the site of the former stone quarry Rainford Delph Quarry just outside St. Helens, Merseyside.  It looks at reports from the 1930’s from people who dared to go down there despite rumours of cannibalistic dwarfs and other such creatures.

   The book also looks at the myths and legends as well as featuring a chilling horror story ‘Beneath the Surface’ based on some of the macabre tales surrounding the foreboding location.

ISBN:  978-0-9929228-0-1    £5 

Tales by the Fireside.

    This volume contains four stories guaranteed to unsettle you. In ‘Pride of Place’ the recently widowed Barbara discovers a chilling secret about her husband which will lead her down a very dark path.  In ‘After Tonight’s Performance’ handsome actor Marc   meets schoolgirl Vickery on a special night for both of them.

‘Truth Lies’ takes you along with Cathy as she visits her estranged father James as he lies dying in hospital.  Finally join Naomi as she tries to recapture the happiness of a previous Christmas at the Huntington Hotel.

ISBN: 978-0-9532434-8-8   £5


   This is a story of illusion and deception.  Nobody is who they seem to be and the plans that they have for themselves and each other run far from smoothly.  Anne and Frank seem to have the perfect marriage but even the strongest of marriages can be corrupted.

   Benita seems to be in control and has Frank in her manipulative and evil grip but she meets her match with the mysterious Johnny who seems to appear and disappear at will.

   Who is the fortune teller who warns Anne of impending doom?  And then leads her into danger after danger only to be rescued by Johnny.  But why should this stranger care about Anne and put his life on the line for her?  And in this world of deception who will survive when reality finally kicks in? 

ISBN: 978-0-9532434 -9-5       £5

Isabel Robey- The Windle Witch:


The true story of Isabel Robey from St. Helens, Merseyside who was tried and hanged with the Lancashire Witches in August,1612 .. Also contains a poem and prize winning story. Price ₤3.

ISBN 978-0-9532434-6-4

Monkey Nuts and Mayhem: A Humorous Collection of Cautionary Tales.

  This is a book to guarantee a laugh or two or more.  It takes a ‘tongue in cheek’ look at modern day living from holidays with ‘Holiday Blues’ to marriage with ‘Alimony Blues’ and of course, contains a nod at aging with ‘I’m Telling You Now.’

ISBN: 978-0-9929228-1-8   £5.

   The Pale Boy:

   This is a ghost story set in the beautiful Victoria Park ‘where the past meets the present and threatens the future.’ It centres around three youngsters Sophie, Degs and Dylan and their intriguing meetings with Percy ,’The Pale Boy’ of the story.

 As well as being published in book form the story was being read and performed at the Diamond Suite, The Mansion House, Victoria Park, St. Helens last year.

ISBN: 978-09929228-2-5   £5

The White Rabbit of Crank:


This is based on a local Lancashire legend which derives from a factual story. It also contains a poem and chilling story which brings the legend to life .Price ₤3.

ISBN 978-0-9532434-7-1

The Little Book of Christmas:


This is a charming book which looks at all aspects of Christmas. Most of the poems have been broadcast on Radio Merseyside. The book also contains festive short stories including chilling ghost stories. A ‘must’ for the festive season. Price £5.. ISBN 0953243435

A Life with a View

This collection focuses on the four seasons with spring, summer, autumn and winter depicted in poetry. It also touches on the four seasons of our lives and includes poems which have also been published in anthologies such as ‘Quiet Time’ and ‘Halcyon Days.’

Price £5. ISBN 0 9532434 0 0

The Journey Continues…:


This is the author’s latest collection and was inspired by her ground breaking show of the same name. In this narrative collection the author follows the lives of four young people over a period of twenty years through the medium of poetry.

Price £6.90

A Round of Mixed Fortunes:


This collection returns to the theme of life and its ups and downs . The poems range from the humorous as in ‘Ode to the White Rabbit’ to the serious with ’The Unexpected Loss.’ Price £5

ISBN 0 9532434 2 7

With These Words:


This is a ‘must’ for all romantics. It is a collection of love poems written from the heart for all lovers out there. It contains ‘Lost Love’ which won the national November ‘Ouse Valley Poetry Competition.’ Price £5

ISBN 0 9532434 1 9

At Great Personal Expense:


This was the first book published by the author and was sponsored by Marks and Spencer. It takes a humorous and serious look at life. Many of the poems have been broadcast on Radio Merseyside including ‘Aunt Emily’ and ‘A Monday Night After Work. Price £5

Star-Crossed Lovers:


This book tells the story of two lovers through the language of roses (floriography).  Each verse of the poem is illustrated with the appropriately coloured rose painted in watercolour by artist Carol Anne Eaves. Priced £4.

ISBN: 978-0-9929228-3-2

St. Helens Now & Then:


 St. Helens celebrates its 150th birthday in 2018 this book celebrates this milestone.

It looks at the fascinating history of the town which began life as four townships with the Chapel of St. Elyn in the centre. Included is the history of Windleshaw Chantry through to the discovery of coal and the town’s worldwide and unique place in the development of canals and railways’

The books also looks at the town’s growth during the Industrial Revolution and iconic locations within St. Helens. 


ISBN: 978-0-9929228-4-9     £10

Secret St Helens:


Secret St. Helens traces the fascinating and hidden heritage of this Lancashire town and includes facts such as the Noble prize winner and Oscar winners who hail from St. Helens. It follows the growth of the town through the industrial Revolution through to the V.C's of the first World War and the prisoner of war who died in a German concentration camp. It looks at the life of St. Helens born Richard Seddon who became the Prime Minister of New Zealand and the town's role in the modern world including its influence on the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics.


ISBN: 978 1 4456 8974 6     £14.99


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